Making sense of self cleaning ovens

Our self-cleaning cycles make cleaning your oven hassle-free, so you can spend more time cooking, and less time cleaning.

Self Cleaning Ovens

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Pyrolytic Clean Ovens


A special cycle safely locks the oven door and heats up to 470°C to burn off any fat and grease without having to use detergents. Simply dust away any residue once the cycle is complete.

Catalytic liners

Spend more time cooking, and less time cleaning. Catalytic liners are special panels that catch fat spits and grease, removing them naturally during the cooking process.

Catalytic Oven Liners
Steam Cleaning Self-Cleaning Ovens

Diamond Clean with Steam

The natural power of steam for super clean results. A 35 minute self-cleaning steam programme loosens fat and food residue from the special coating on the sides of the oven, that can be simply wiped away after the cycle has ended.