Washer Dryer Buying Guide

Short on space? Hotpoint Washer Dryers are standard in size, but with a larger drum, so you can still have all of your laundry washed and dried in one load. Read our buying guide below to narrow down your ideal washer dryer.

Washer Dryer Buying Guide
Washer Dryer Types

Washer Dryer Types & Styles

Enjoy total laundry convenience with a washer dryer, ideal when you're limited on space but desire perfectly clean and dry laundry. Whether you opt for a freestanding built-in washer dryer, it's important to take account of the space you're working with. Choose between a range of stylish colours including black, white and graphite to suit your surroundings or consider an integrated appliance to fit behind a cupboard door, blending into your space seamlessly.

When choosing a washer dryer, the most important consideration is the capacity. Washer dryers have 2 capacities – a washing capacity and a drying capacity. The drying capacity is always less than the washing capacity, as wet laundry is much heavier, and needs more space inside the drum when drying. Our washer dryers come in different sizes to suit your space and usage needs, from 7kg to 11kg for washing and 5kg to 7kg for drying.

Hotpoint Washer Dryer Technology

Hotpoint’s washer dryers are designed with ease in mind - helping you achieve thoroughly clean and dry laundry with minimal fuss. During the wash cycles, Direct Injection technology pre-mixes the water and detergent, allowing the mix to better penetrate the fibers for extra cleaning power. Built with a brushless motor, noise levels are reduced dramatically during the drying phase, so you're free to run your drying cycle whenever it suits you.

Washer Dryer Technology
Washer Dryer Buying Guide Features

Cycles and Features Built for Your Lifestyle

Hotpoint washer dryers are equipped with excellent features and cycles designed to suit any type of load. Make sure to take a look at the washing and drying cycles available for each product after filtering the type, capacity, and colour desired. Utilise features like crease reduction and anti-stain technology to keep your clothes looking like new, and dedicated programmes to wash bedding, towels and wool. There’s even Steam Refresh, a dedicated cycle to freshen up your clothes - all with the goal of total laundry convenience.

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