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New Multi-function Oven With Gentle Steam

New Multi-function Oven With Gentle Steam

Straight to the heart of food to transforme your cookinh experience

More taste

I adore fish: when cooking it,
I want my preparation to keep
All its properties. But even more, to intensify them.

More Texture

I’ve learnt how to make bread.
Result? Just the way I like it:
Moisty inside, crispy and brown outside.

More Lightness

I’ve chosen a simpler, healthier lifestyle. When eating, I’m happy to give up fats and dressings, but not a plate of juicier and flavoursome meat.

More Possibilities

I like experimenting in the kitchen. Combining traditional oven baking with steam looks like a brilliant idea to me!

For Light And Flavoursome Cooking, With Chef-style Results


Gentle Steam Technology
3 Programmes Dedicated To Specific Food Categories

Gentle Steam Technology

Steam is an ideal way to cook, letting you gently prepare delicious, healthy dishes with all the flavor, succulence and nutrition of your ingredients beautifully preserved. But the real magic comes when you combine steaming with traditional oven features: this powerful combination delivers amazing results with incredible simplicity, generating dishes that are juicy on the inside, while still beautifully crisp on the outside. 

3 Programmes Dedicated To Specific Food Categories

Put some water in the space at the bottom of the oven cavity, turn the switch to select the programme and start cooking. Special algorithms regulate the cooking parameters for the recipe you’re preparing, turning the water into steam and guaranteeing excellent results for bread, meat and fish. By maintaining a product’s natural humidity, the function delivers food that’s soft and moist inside and golden and crisp on the outside. In a word, perfect.


Whatever the recipe, you can achieve outstanding results in the easiest way following just 3 simple steps. 

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