30 second speedy cooking

If your in such a hurry that you don't even have time to select the ideal setting, Speedy Cooking comes in handy. Just press the start button to automatically cook for 30 seconds with 100% power

Multi-Stage cooking

Multi-Stage cooking is a tailor made two stage cooking system that combines two selected functions. Cooking functions can be arranged into a sequence that best suits your dish. You can select and arrange the order of the cooking functions, and the microwave will automatically shift from stage to stage creating delicious meals with minimal effort.

Special accessories for perfect results

The Crisping Plate is ideal if you require a crispy crust in a matter of minutes. Ideal when creating crispy or baked recipes.

The Steamer allows many foods to be steamed to perfection. The microwaves only heat the water directly through the steamer bowl below, creating the steam that then heats the food. A healthy, nutritious way of cooking for perfect results every time. *Accessories available on selected models.

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