Intelligent cooking programmes

  • Dynamic crisp pizza

    Dynamic crisp

    Evenly browns both the top and bottom of pies and pizzas, just like a conventional oven.

  • Dynamic steam & boil

    Dynamic steam & boil

    Monitors humidity levels for perfectly steamed results - ideal for vegetables or fish.

  • Dynamic defrost

    Dynamic defrost

    Safely defrost food up to seven times faster than a traditional microwave.

  • 8 power levels icon

    8 power levels

    Different power levels to cook each dish perfectly.

  • Temperature settings icon

    Drop down door

    For an efficient use of your kitchen space, the door opens vertically from top to bottom.

  • Power rating icon

    Power rating

    A powerful 1000 W of power helps to deliver ultimate performance.

  • Quartz icon

    Quartz grill

    This fast, efficient 1200 W grill uses less energy than a traditional infrared grill, but heats up faster and cooks 3 times faster, as well as being entirely self-cleaning.

  • Auto menu reheat icon

    Auto menu reheat

    This function allows you to automatically reheat your dishes. The microwave will automatically calculate the required microwave power level and time to get the best possible results in the shortest time.

  • Bread defrost icon

    Bread defrost

    This exclusive function allows you to defrost frozen bread. Combining both Dynamic Defrost and Dynamic Crisp technologies, your bread will taste and feel as if it were freshly baked.

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