Hob Buying Guide

If you have passion for cooking and are looking for a hob that provides you with freedom and precision in the kitchen, then take a journey through our Hotpoint hobs buying guide where you will discover our full range.

Hob Buying Guide
Hob Types

Hob Types & Styles

Before purchasing a hob, you need to consider your available fuel type and how you intend to use your hob.

  • Induction: heat is generated via a magnetic field, only when it detects the presence of a pan it then spreads heat uniformly across the entire surface, ensuring you get excellent results with every dish you prepare, all while making energy savings and being easy to clean.
  • Ceramic: offers a stylish design for efficient cooking and easy cleaning. Similar to induction hobs in their sleek look, and are a great option for homes that want total control with stylish flair but don’t require the additional hob tech available with induction.
  • Gas: a well known and consistent option for precision cooking, our gas hobs help you achieve freedom and precision in the kitchen.
  • Electric Solid Plate: a great budget-friendly option for delicious results.

Hotpoint Hob Technology

With Hotpoint’s induction hob range, take advantage of fail-proof technology built to minimise kitchen mishaps. My Menu, a range of 4 automatic cooking methods; melting, boiling, keep warm and slow cooking, help you prepare any recipe by setting and holding the correct temperature, giving you peace of mind that your pots will never overboil, or food burn on the bottom of the pan. And thanks to Flexi Duo, you can move your pot or pan from one zone to another, whilst maintaining the same heat level.

Gas hobs feature Direct Flame Technology, which delivers a powerful blue flame vertically through tiny holes, so no heat is wasted around the sides of the pan, saving 20% in time and energy.

Hob Buying Guide Technology
Hob Buying Features

Features Built for Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right hob depends on how you like your cooking experience to be. Cooking on gas offers a precise and powerful heat, and benefits from options including wok burners, for healthy stir fries in minutes as well as precise flame control, and flame failure devices for peace of mind if the flame goes out.

Induction hobs offer easy touch controls, child locks, flexible zones and easy cleaning. Ceramic hobs offer a Double Ring Zone - allowing you to heat in just five seconds and the Oval Zone, an area that can be used as a single zone, or a double zone, for your largest pots, pans, griddles and fish kettles.

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