Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

With a choice of drying technologies and features, drying your laundry has never been easier. No matter what your requirements are, our buying guide will give you all the guidance you need to find the best appliance in our range to match your needs and fit seamlessly into your home.

Tumble Dryers Buying Guide

Tumble Dryers Types & Styles

Your first decision is choosing your type of dryer: heat pump, condenser, or air-vented. Heat Pump Technology delivers best-in-class energy efficiency by removing moisture and recycling the air through the machine. Heat Pump Technology is kinder to the environment and offers impressive energy savings, with some models using 50% less energy versus a condenser dryer. A condenser - which uses warm air that has been circulated through a heating element, collecting moisture in a container which you regularly (and easily!) empty. Finally, we offer air-vented tumble dryers, which expel moisture via an external vent hose. Air-vented are much cheaper to purchase, but do have higher running costs when compared to heat pump or condenser dryers.

Choose from a stylish selection of black, white and graphite tumble dryers to suit your space. When it comes to drum size, this is calculated based on the weight of dry clothes that they can hold. Sizes typically vary between 6kg and 9kg. Your ideal tumble dryer will depend on how much washing you tend to get through each week, as well as the size and types of fabrics you tend to dry. If you regularly use your dryer to dry bulkier bedding and towels, you should consider a larger capacity drum.

Tumble Dryer Buying Guide Technology

Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Technology

With a selection of innovative technologies, you can take comfort knowing your laundry will be gently cared for and dried in the most efficient way.

  • GentlePower Range: GentlePower Technology means you don't have to compromise and you still get the best results possible, with maximum savings on energy consumption. You can achieve silent, powerful results with this heat pump dryer whilst caring for your loved ones and our surrounding environment.
  • ActiveCare Range: Thanks to the patented ActiveCare technology, the Hotpoint heat pump tumble dryers reduce fabric wear by up to 40%, minimising stress on your clothes, keeping them looking their best for longer.

If you’re looking for a machine that delivers excellent drying power without as many added features, our Made in Britain vented and condenser dryers would be a great choice.

Features Built for Your Lifestyle

Our tumble dryers benefit from the most innovative technologies featuring clever new cycles and features, which allow you to tailor your appliance to your lifestyle. Features such as anti-tangle, anti-aging, variable heat settings and special programmes for different types of clothes, ensure a thorough drying process without damaging fabrics.

Our clever anti-stress drum movements protect garment fibres when they are most exposed, minimising fibre abrasion to help stop your clothes from wearing out. And drying is made easy with our 4 dryness level options, that utilises sensors to identify when clothes have dried to the level you require, and automatically finish the cycle.

Tumble Dryer Lifestyle Guide

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