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We’ve spent years creating the right tumble dryers for your needs at home. With innovations like our patented ActiveCare heat pump technology, our approach is kinder to your clothes and kinder to the environment. Find out more about our exceptional dryer technology and check out our Buying Guide to find the best model for you, whether it’s a vented, condenser or Heat Pump dryer.

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Technology & Design

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

Conserve and care with heat pump technology

Our best-in-class Heat Pump technology is an energy-efficient heat exchange system that conserves and reuses hot air to dry your clothes. Once hot air has passed through the drum, moisture evaporates from your clothes and collects as condensation in a tank before the remaining air is re-heated and passed through the drum to restart the process. Recycling the air creates lower temperatures than conventional dryers, which better protects your laundry, and saves up to 50% in energy consumption.

Taking care of dust, and you

Endorsed by Allergy UK, the UK’s leading national charity for those living with allergies, our Anti-Allergy option boosts the temperature of your load to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens, including dust mites and pollen. So you can rest assured that it’s keeping your laundry fresh and your loved ones protected.

Tumble Dryers Allergens Free Technology
Active Care Tumble Dryers

Patented technology for reliable, kinder drying

Our best-in-class, patented ActiveCare technology takes the best care of your clothes. By combining a host of unique features, including our energy-efficient Heat Pump system, sensor drying, precise temperature control and anti-stress movement, ActiveCare reduces fabric wear out by up to 40%*, keeping the clothes you love looking better for longer.

*Based on jeans program without ActiveCare.

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Choosing the right tumble dryer

Which Tumble Dryer is right for you?

Tumble dryers make light work of your laundry and the very best ones can even keep creases at bay. But if you need some help deciding which dryer is right for you, you’ve come to the right place.