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Microwave Cooking Appliances

Hotpoint’s range of built-in and freestanding microwaves are designed to perfectly heat your food, because the cooking functions can be arranged in a sequence to suit your needs. These features include our signature dynamic crisp option, which gives the cooking effect of an oven all the while using a microwave. Our microwave ovens also include combi and grill type options as well. A Hotpoint microwave oven comes in various stylish colours including black, white, inox and the ever-popular stainless steel microwave. The sleek design and easy to use interface will make cooking with a Hotpoint microwave a real pleasure. Discover the best appliance for your kitchen with our [Microwave Buying Guide](https://www.hotpoint.co.u
Hotpoint’s collection of microwave ovens feature clever technologies that help you cook perfect dishes with ease – with signature features such as our Multiwave Technology and Dynamic Crisp function, you can achieve so much more than just reheating and defrosting. Whether you are looking for a built-in microwave or a freestanding microwave we have a range of stylish models and colours that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen and help make cooking at home a breeze. Our combination microwave ovens offer you all the benefits of a full size oven, in a compact space so you can achieve delicious results whether you’re grilling, roasting, cooking fresh vegetables or even baking a cake!