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Ultimate food freshness

Whether its a freestanding or built-in solution you're looking for, our wide range of fridge freezers are designed to keep your food fresher for longer with innovative features such as our Food Care Zone technology, which expertly preserves your food shop and Active Oxygen, which removes bad odours from your fridge, such as strong cheeses and fish, and helps to keep bacteria at bay. Frost Free Technology stops the build up of ice, meaning you'll never have to defrost your freezer compartment, again. We've spent the last 110 years designing products to keep your home running as seamlessly as possible, with a whole host of features available to suit your needs.

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Fridge Freezers

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Fridge Freezer Appliances

Hotpoint offers a range of different types of freestanding and integrated fridge freezers. Discover our smart cooling system functions and features for preserving your food for longer and at the right temperature for different food types such as Day 1 Fresh Technology and Temperature Variable Zone. Thanks to our cold air circulation technology, a Hotpoint fridge freezer is fully frost free, leaving with more time for food preparation, and less time cleaning out your fridge freezer. Furthermore the innovative Air Oxygen technology purifies the air and naturally slows the process of food deterioration. Choose from either white, black or silver built in and freestanding fridge freezers to suit your kitchen design and needs.